Comfy, Toxin-free Holiday Gifts

I am a celebration enthusiast. One of those people that loves their birthday, your birthday, your distant twice removed neighbor’s birthday. If there’s a reason to celebrate you’re about to find me screaming at the top of my lungs with some streamers. 

One very special year (it was just a normal year) I woke up to a crisp, chilly morning and could not get myself out from under the sheets. I turned on some tunes and started daydreaming about all the fun events coming my way. It goes without saying but this was pre-2020. In that moment I decided I was going to throw an extravagant surprise birthday party for my life-partner. I started to excitedly text a few of his friends a “save the date” and one friend replies, concerned, “this is 7 months away”.

So I’ve learned there is a limit to allowed excitement. I’ve double checked with the fun police this time and now is the perfect time for a holiday gift guide! This carefully curated list of top favorites are special picks for health-conscious, high vibe and comfy-cozy lovers alike. 

Should you decide to purchase something and want to support Health by Nicole, please be sure to use the links below when purchasing and I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Philips SmartWake Light

This smart light by Philips is an alarm clock, but not your traditional alarm. You set the “wake-up time”  and the light gradually gets brighter until reaching maximum brightness at the hour you’ve set. Traditional alarm clocks are barbaric in comparison. Instead of being jolted awake, cortisol pumping through your veins, you’re greeted in the morning with a sun-like rise of light.

Lavender Essential-oil Roller

This is THE gift for your anxious friends and family. Or yourself.. you know it’s like that sometimes. Lavender’s relaxing effect has been proven in numerous studies and this item being in roller form makes it compact and easy to travel with.

White Noise Maker

This is your gift for loved ones who are light sleepers, city-dwellers, anxious, or lovers of nature. I’ve used this personally and the quality of the sounds from this item are unparalleled by others in its price league. This can of course be used for undisturbed sleeping as well as for focus during work, focus during studying and relaxation for activities like yoga, breathwork and meditation.

Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder

Tooth powder is underrated and it shows. No fluoride, no sugar – a clean, no gunk tooth scrub option. It’s made with mineral-rich  materials and flavored with essential oil making it a top choice for your pearly whites. Why am I coocoo for tooth powder? The products you choose to use in your mouth directly effect gut health. Poor gut health makes you vulnerable to a plethora of infections, diseases, skin flares and mental health issues. In short: toss the tube and try this powder.

Travel utensils

Ordering take-out, camping, vacations, eating anywhere outside your own home in 2020: these can all require disposable utensils. Keeping a set of travel utensils handy reduces the waste with a one-way ticket to the landfill and, on a more self-centered note, improves the experience of eating. This is a great gift for foodie and waste-conscious friends alike!

Weighted Blanket

We all need a little visit to cozy-town. This particular blanket brings your cozy corner to the next level with a fuzzy exterior and hug-like weight. You heard me – a fuzzy weighted blanket! Fan favorite is the 20lb option but you can’t go wrong with any option, really.

Dotted notebook  

Essential, versatile, chic. Next.

Glass storage container w/ cork top

The first step to transitioning to a low-toxin lifestyle is swapping plastic storage containers for glass. This is a beautiful offering for someone interested in reducing their toxin intake or just enjoys a clean aesthetic.

Nespresso milk frother

Nespresso has nailed the mouth-feel that no cheaper frother compares to. This is one of those gifts many people have their eyes on but wont pull the trigger on for themselves. If you purchase at the time I’m writing this article, it’s on sale!

Glass Shaker Bottle

When transitioning to plastic-free (or minimal) living the blender bottle is a beloved item that is often the breaking point for people to leave behind. I’m talking tears. If you know a gym junkie, do them a favor with this glass blender bottle. No tears, just joy.

Poo stool

Not poo on a stool, not a pooing stool, but a stool to poo. Squatty stools are incredible because they position your body perfectly for effective elimination.  This makes it possible for those with constipation to have more ‘regular’ eliminations and makes for an incredibly satisfying trip to the toilet if you’re already a regular “go-er”.  The stool of choice linked above is foldable incase you want to stow it away. More importantly it’s bamboo because chemicals from plastic are absorbed through the skin and if you can reduce exposure, why not try!

Let me know if you found this list helpful and share with someone that needs a good list of toxin-free gift ideas!

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