You’re tired of going from one restrictive diet to another

You’ve stopped eating most of the foods that you used to enjoy

You’ve tried the supplements, water, fiber; but you still don’t see any changes

You’re confused about what you should and should not eat 

With The Poop Method framework, you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to flood your body with the nutrients it needs for smooth digestion throughout the entire day.

"Finally constipation free!"

“Nicole helped me change the way I look at things in my life that cause me a lot of stress. She helped me find balance with food and, most importantly, I’m finally constipation-free!” 

-Emma, 4 Month Coaching Client

In Just 90 Days You'll Have..

Clarity on how to repair the inflammation in your gut by breaking out of “good” and “bad” thinking.

A roadmap to expanding your diet for greater energy, balanced gut function and vibrant health.

A clear vision of the ins and outs of how nourishment affects IBS and how to flood your body with the nutrients it needs.

"I don't have stomach pain anymore"

“It sounds cheesy but I feel like a different kind of person, but in a good way. I don’t have sharp stomach pains anymore. I am more confident. I am more willing to try new things.  And I love it.”

-Shannon, 3 Month Coaching Client
What working together looks like
  • The 10+ essential training modules every person with IBS needs to get rid of constipation & diarrhea
  • Templates, exercises & examples that make it fool-proof to stick to the changes you need to make
  • Practice labs and journal reviews to test your understanding 
  • Recommendations Lists so you can increase results and decrease time scrolling through reviews
  • Built in Support + Accountability with Nicole
  • and more!
To learn how you can stop constipation or diarrhea while increasing the satisfaction of each meal, schedule a free mini-session:

"I'm able to eat again"

“My experience exceeded all expectations. I started off feeling nothing could help the ‘bathroom visits’ that were constantly happening at the worst possible times and had me eating almost nothing. Nicole gradually helped me gain confidence to challenge my sensitive stomach. It was not easy but being able to eat again is worth it! I genuinely enjoyed it, going to miss the accountability and feedback.”

-June, 6 Month Coaching Client

The Poop Method Private Coaching Program

Phase 1 - Unlock Intrinsic Motivation and Align With Your Goals

Understand how the threat of food intolerance creates and perpetuates your food reactions and learn how to  harness your body’s fight, flight or freeze responses; so you can finally trust your body and create a plan to minimize food-reactivity.

Respond to your body’s hypervigilant threat-response system AND have it contribute to your digestive balance
Reframe your bodies negative association with food so symptoms don’t escalate
Let go of restrictions that have been controlling your life

Phase 2 - Gain Confidence In How To Nail Your Nutrients

Understand how to use nutrient-dense foods therapeutically to expand your diet and balance gut function; without feeling trapped by loss of control around food.

Gain a clear vision of the ins and outs of how nourishment effects IBS
Uncover the skills you need to ensure meals are nutrient-packed and help your body function best
Learn to reintroduce foods and build food tolerance

Phase 3 - Design Your Routine to Make Your New Habits Effortless to Maintain

What most people don’t realize is that it’s not enough to know what you should do to support your wellbeing — you need to design your routine so that your new habits are easy to maintain even when life is busy, well beyond the program. 

Uncover your core values so you can live in alignment
Discover how to develop your routine that make it easy to follow through on your goals
Live a life that does not revolve around food and symptoms

Hi! I’m Nicole Evangelista, Non-diet IBS Dietitian, and I have been through quite the gut health journey over the last decade.

I tried a few elimination diet plans to try and fix my painful and persistent constipation and bloating. Unfortunately the joke was on me, because the diets didn’t make a difference and instead led to an unhealthy obsession over every ingredient in every bite of food that went into my mouth. I never left the house because of it.
I didn’t feel like myself. After going to the bathroom I never felt “relieved” and I was feeling anxious, bloated, and depleted of energy. I knew there had to be something I could do.
Once I learned how the elimination diets were impacting my body and shutting down my digestive processes, I decided to stop.
I had no idea what was I was going to learn next would change the trajectory of my life and career forever.
After doing some research and talking to a few colleagues, I decided to go back to the basics of biochemistry and here’s what I learned…
I realized that although I was eating nutrient dense foods, my body was in such a stressed out state that it couldn’t get those nutrients into my cells. 

I learned all about what stress actually is and what leads to stress in the body. This way, I could reduce my stressors as much as possible.

Not only were there big nutrition changes I needed to make (eating more calories, for one), but I also discovered I had hidden stressors. 

No wonder my body was having a hard time healing!

I’ve been where you are and where what it feels like to be confused; like you haven’t made any progress.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you. I’ve been able to heal my digestive pain and get rid of constipation, bloat and brain fog. Now I’ve distilled everything into a simple 3-part method that has helped dozens of people restore their digestive health and gut function.

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