Meet Nicole

I'm Grateful You're Here


In my own IBS journey I felt utterly confused and like how bad things felt must be made up in my head.

I was handed the classics. You’ve heard them: “drink more water” “it’s stress” “eat cleaner” but I was doing everything I could and still felt awful.

Fast forward to a debilitating injury that left me with months of time to take the best trainings out there – and I  accidentally found the solution that works. Now I can tell you: it’s not in your head.

The secret cocktail isn’t a magic pill or a quick fix. It’s 1 part outer technology (functional gut testing) and 2 parts inner technology (the feminine genius).

The  functional gut testing addresses the urgent health need. Meanwhile the feminine genius sustains the relief on a life-long level.

When this combination approach delivered me on the other side of brain fog, fatigue and toilet drama; I stepped into a new life where I could present, creative and full of gratitude.


BS, James Madison University in Dietetics

Dietetic Internship, Virginia Commonwealth University Level 1 Trauma Unit

IFNACOT, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy 

COT, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Integrative and Functional Certificate program

Leveraging Labs, Functional Lab Training

My professional mission is for you to feel centered, grounded, and joyous.

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