I’m Eliza, she/her, Licensed Dietitian and Functional Nutrition Trained. I’m a Gut Health Specialist by title but really, i’m really a whole-foods loving, totally crunchy granola being, big obnoxious laugher, swimmer in any body of water, constantly evolving and always leveling up.

I have many mentors and practices that keep me waking up better than I was the day before, and I’m eternally grateful that this is life currently.

It was not always like this! For decades I struggled with IBS and a disordered relationship with food. Fast forward to my mid-twenties and… well I like to say that my body broke down to build me back up. One day I woke up and I literally couldn’t walk. For months.

No doctor knew why. My knee wasn’t sprained or broken. All that anyone could tell me was ‘it could be related to stress’ (i’ve got big opinions on this type of response though i digress) but I had nowhere to go with that information. And this led to me finally getting the many layers of mind-body help that eventually led me here. You know what I learned?

Not only were there big nutrition changes I needed to make (eating more calories, for one), but I also discovered that I had hidden stressors.

I learned all about what stress actually is, what leads to stress in the body, and how the source of symptom-inducing stress can go unrecognized for years. This way, I could reduce my stressors as much as possible and feel good in my body (not to mention totally eliminating the constipation and anxiety i’d lived with for TWO decades, yes really!).

I realized that although I was eating nutrient dense foods, my body was in such a stressed out state that it couldn’t get those nutrients into my cells. And once I knew how to reduce my stressors, I could more clearly connect to my inner north star that knows exactly what to eat at each meal that will feel soo freaking good during and after eating.

Once I stepped out of my painful symptoms; I stepped into a life where I could be present in life’s meaningful moments. 

Yes this is your gut health but really, it’s a portal into the rest of your life.


This community is all about radical responsibility. And we talk a lot about poop over here! What you have to know is it’s 100% in the cards for you to wake up feeling radiant, with explosive joy that feels like it’s seeping from the seams, inlove with how your body supports you and so excited to light up that connection with your body by nourishing it with the foods you love.

Radical transformation is in the cards for you but you have to choose the path. By being here you take the first step toward total digestive radiance.

The best way to keep up with what we’re up to, because our programs are always evolving and constantly leveling up, is on our Instagram stories or to email me!