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Create Symptom-Free Eating Habits For Life!

The gut, due to its nature, acts as a mirror for our emotional and spiritual terrain. Gut relief opens an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness, increase self-confidence, and improve relationships – both personally and professionally.

Our unique Relief-Based Nourishment approach is designed to make you an expert of your body. Inspired by a slower way of living, we provide tools to nurture  eating habits that support your goals.


I believe you.

IBS is scary, self-defeating and downright frustrating. Being ready to make a change but not knowing which direction is up – is draining. I was here too.

Back in 2018 a knee and back injury prevented me from leaving bed for months; something very opposed to my hard core achievement-driven nature.

The months filled up with sifting through research and professional trainings in functional nutrition and neuroscience; experimenting on myself to finally create a combination approach for IBS that worked.

Once I stepped out of constipation, brain fog and fatigue; everything changed for me. I want to be that gateway for you. Yes this is your gut health but really, it’s a portal into the rest of your life.

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When you book a Meet and Greet, you're reserving a 20 minute "vibe check" with Nicole RD. We'll discuss what you're feeling challenged with, assess whether our process is your best next-step, and answer any questions so you feel confident starting my one-on-one program.

Intuitive Gut Relief Coaching

Is Right For You If You're Ready To...

  • Create a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • Discover a more fulfilling and happier relationship to your food
  • Let go of frustration and resentment toward your body and food
  • Build confidence with food choices
  • Bring playfulness and joy back into life
  • Trust you are nourishing yourself in the best way
"My experience exceeded all my expectations. I started off feeling nothing could help improve my pain until working with Nicole. She took baby steps with me and gradually helped me gain confidence. With knowledge and skills to live a healthier lifestyle I have the confidence to challenge myself with more and better lifestyle changes."
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June C.
Washington DC

Lets Dig Into The Details

Intuitive Gut Relief coaching is a 3 month virtual coaching experience built for creating symptom-free eating habits that help you break free from pain using a private coaching format, including: 
  • Gut Relief Modules
  • Practical & Enjoyable Tools
  • Personalized Gut Relief Plan
  • Personalized Relief Maintenance Tools
  • Built in Support + Accountability with Nicole
  • All backed by nutritional biochemistry and neuroscience.
You’ll know exactly how to move the needle with your eating habits and actually feel excited about it. 

Frequently Asked:

If this approach to gut relief is calling to you, you can

Book a 3 month package here

If you experience bloat, gas, diarrhea, constipation, unexplainable pain, trapped gas, bloat unpredictable food intolerance, headaches, brain fog, fatigue: this program is for you.

All nutrition coaching is virtual using a HIPAA compliant video platform.

I do not take insurance but I do provide superbills for HSA/FSA.

Please let me know if you would like an itemized receipt for reimbursement. You are responsible for submitting for reimbursement and keeping the bill for record.

I want you to feel it in your bones that this is the next best-step on your health journey.

You can schedule a complimentary Meet and Greet here; This is an informal “vibe check” where i’ll hold space for your questions and explain details about the package to help you navigate your purchase with confidence.

I’m grateful to meet you!

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